Letters from the Heart

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Dear Billy Rollins,

I am sorry we did not understand you in the fifth grade. You were so different, but none of us knew why. I will never forget the day our teacher taught us the word 'hypocrite' to describe the behavior of some of our classmates towards you.

I truly hope you found friends who understand you.

Ten year-old Kristin

Dear Steve Knight,
It was hard for us military kids, moving so often, being 'new kids' all the time. I assumed your loneliness was like mine, weary of trying to find friends in every new place. I wish I could have been a better friend and neighbor to you but I know you grew into a strong, inspiring activist.


Sixteen year-old Kristin

To all the Women on the Field Hockey Team,

Thanks for welcoming me to the team. We didn't ask, we didn't tell.
I know you have friends who offer love and acceptance.

Twenty year-old Kristin

Dear Don and Greg,

You are truly heroes for adopting babies in the nineties. It was a terrifying time. So many of your friends were ill with AIDS yet you welcomed the tiniest of victims into your home with love.

Bless you.

30 year old Kristin

Dear Aunt Hannah,

You were upset when Prop 8 passed in California. I said, "I swear by all the teenagers I know who are totally comfortable with their gay peers, change is coming soon."

40 year-old Kristin

Dear Billy and Gabe,

It was an honor to be part of your wedding: a golden sunshine evening filled with love and great dancing! See you at the ice rink soon.

45 year-old Kristin

Dear Kendall,

We love you. We love Katie too. I want the world to be the best it can be so that you will be  not only safe, but welcomed everywhere just as you are.

With much love,
Your 50-year old Aunt Kristin

With a Perspective, I'm Kristin Abbott.

Kristin Abbott is an artist who designs amusement parks. She lives in Palo Alto.