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I’m small.

Well really, I'm not that small. What I am is short. It's one of the things that makes me special. I am an eighth grader that is four feet, eight inches tall. It could be a genetic thing or it could be something else. But since my parents are also small, I think it is a genetic thing. It still doesn't mean I should be judged or bullied because of my size. Yes, I'm short. But does it really matter?
I became aware that I am short in the first grade at a new school. I was being bullied and had no idea why. So I changed schools. And guess what happened at my new school? That's right, I got bullied again. Some started to call me "short" and "shorty". And all the time I wondered, "Why do people call me these names?" This is when I noticed that my classmates were outgrowing me.

In fifth grade, at yet another school, students asked me, "Aren't you in the second grade?" When I tried to make friends, people judged me and pushed me aside. It hurt, more than a slap in the face. However, no matter what you call me, I won't take revenge. No matter how many times you call me "short" or "shorty", or even "midget". Being small is not all bad.  

Despite the insults and bullying, playing sports, such as soccer, makes me feel immortal. I am fast and have a strong little body that makes me good at almost anything I do. When I play soccer the other team needs to put two defenders on me to at least try to keep me from what I do. And they still can't stop me. After the game I feel good that the other team had to try harder to contain me. I forget about the negative feelings.

At the end of the day, I know that no one can change me. I'm short! Judging and bullying is an unacceptable way of saying, "I don't like you. You don't fit my standards."  I hope that this can change one day and people will never feel bad about themselves.  


As, the saying goes, "Good things come in small packages."  I consider myself a good thing. 

With a Perspective, I'm Luca Altaffer.

Luca Altaffer is 14 years old and an eighth grader at the Alameda Community Learning Center, an East Bay charter school.