French Fry People

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Most people around the world like to eat fried food. Sitting in a fast food joint, across from my dad, a sudden thought popped into my head: You could categorize people by how they eat their fries! The Hook, grabbing a handful of fries at one time, and The Tweezer Method, using two fingers to grab a few at a time are two of the most used methods.

Now, let's not forget how we add the things to them. There are Dunkers, those who dip their fries into things, Sliders who drag their fries through them, and my favorite, the Tuckers. Tuckers put their additions right on top of the fries, as if tucking them in a blanket of goodness for a good nights rest.

My whole family is an example of these mannerisms. Not one to get my hands oily, I tend to pick up my fries one piece at a time before sliding them into ketchup. People who use the Tweezer Method tend to be a bit OCD, trying to impress someone. Like my older brother, it seems he is always trying to impress the females. Those who reach in and grab a handful of fries tend to be slobs. Sorry, Dad. They don't care about how greasy their hands get, they just want to gobble up their food. My younger brother is a Tucker; he cannot have enough salt on his fries. My mom is more like me, but she tends to dip her fried food, like more straightforward people.

Despite all these differences, we're all people. Everyone, from the Dunkers to the Tuckers, each are just humans munching on their food. Each member of my family makes up something together that is wonderful. The way we eat our fries is more than just that -- it is representative of us as people. That is how I see the world; made up of people who are different, yet make each other whole. Telling this all to my dad between mouthfuls of fries, he said I was onto something.

With a Perspective, I'm Hannah Eagle.


Hannah Eagle just graduated from Notre Dame High School in San Jose and will attend Pacific Lutheran University in the fall.