Three Perspectives

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I live three lives in one. I live as an American that desires my independence. I live as a Palestinian that holds onto my religion. And I live as a Latina who values family and togetherness. These three cultures clash. In many ways they are very different.

As an American, I like to be alone and just hear the sound of the keyboard as I communicate with my friends online. I enjoy dying my hair every month just to have a new look and having that fresh new swag. I love going out with my friends, spending time with them at the movies, just licking my fingers all greasy from the buttery popcorn. And of course, I love to spend money. Well, what can I say, I'm an American.

As a Palestinian, I love the month of Ramadan. Ramadan is when we fast from daylight to sunset every day until a month is completed. We start Ramadan by the sighting of the moon. After Ramadan is over, we have three days to celebrate and it's called the Eid. During this whole month, I get back on track with my thoughts and I recall that I need to thank God for what I have. This month reminds me of who I am, a Palestinian.

As a Latina, I love to be with my family. I go to Mexico every two years with my parents, taking a long road trip south. It takes about three days to get there and I spend the whole time just talking with my parents and siblings. When we are in Mexico, our entire family is always together and we enjoy the little things. We go to la playa, eat carne asada and take pictures as we listen to Arabic music in Spanish. Because I'm Mexican, even after I leave my family always stays in touch.

While these cultures may seem like they clash, and in many ways they do, for me, they work together perfectly. And all these three cultures come together to create one life, one unique, open-minded person.
From a girl with three Perspectives, I'm Raba Sbeih-Rosales.


Raba Sbeih-Rosales is a junior at Life Academy in Oakland.  Her commentary was part of The Life Academy Perspectives Project.