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Pointing out the fact that I'm blushing doesn't help at all. Whispering, "Look she's blushing," to your neighbor makes it worse. I realize I am blushing, and yes, it happens very often.

In books, girls blush and it's "cute" because someone compliments them. But it isn't cute because I'm sure that the girl wasn't expecting it and was totally embarrassed. When I blush, I can feel all the heat rush to my face, and I cannot hide it. My hair cannot be swept over my face, and I would have to put on many layers of makeup to hide the crimson of my face. If I put my hands up to cover it, it will only draw more attention to me, which will eventually make me turn an even darker shade of pink.

I hate how my emotions are on display for everyone to see. I am already hesitant to share my feelings with others, but with blushing, people can figure out pretty quickly how I'm feeling. When one of my friends asked me about my topic on this Perspectives piece, I responded, "Blushing," and automatically felt my face get hot.

"You don't like blushing?" he asked.

"No," I quickly answered, but I didn't even need so say that because it was clear on my face how I was feeling.


I feel like blushing really holds me back. If I never blushed I would consider a career in entertainment. I would be an actor or a comedian because I love to talk and make people laugh, but of course, I get nervous. And when I get nervous, I blush. I may feel shy and embarrassed, but people wouldn't have known if it weren't for the signs all over my face.

My teacher also blushes and she told me that it gets better with age. I also heard of a surgery, which cures blushing. It cuts the sympathetic nerve responsible for blushing. Now I realize I am silly because blushing is one of my unique characteristics. As Charles Darwin said, "Blushing is the most peculiar and most human of all expressions." So when I blush I have to remember: I am only human.

With a Perspective, this is Laura Martinez.

Laura Martinez is 16 and will be a junior at Life Academy of Health and Biosciences High School in Oakland. Her Perspective was part of a special writing project at her school. You can access her classmates' work, her teacher's story regarding the project and educator resources online at