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Many people look to athletes, celebrities and historical figures to be their sources of inspiration, but my role model doesn't play for the Golden State Warriors or make millions of dollars every year.

My role model is the person who has cared for me and fed me since the day I was born -- my mom.

My mother was born in Honduras in 1966, and growing up was very difficult for her.

My grandparents had 11 kids and not enough food to go around. So my mom would often have to go for days eating a single tortilla for dinner. She lived in severe poverty for most of her childhood -- no shoes, no toys, no clothes -- but she never complained.

Instead, she prayed, and thanked God every day for the things she did have.


Then I was born and my parents brought me to the U.S in search of a better future.  Our first couple years here were the exact opposite of the American dream.

We lived in a small four-wall room and slept on a single mattress.

So my mom decided to look for a job. She had to wake up at five in the morning and drop me off at the neighbor's house, and then begin a job cleaning rich people's houses all over the Bay Area.

She was making a good amount of money but she wasn't satisfied. So she began working during the day and taking English classes at night to could get a better job. Her hard work paid off as she was hired as a clerk at La Clinica de la Raza were she has now worked for eight years.

My mom has come a long way in this world. She went from deep poverty and struggle to the comfortable life she is able to live now.

My mother is the strongest, most perseverant person I know. So whenever I need something to inspire me, I don't turn on the TV or read a magazine.

I simply look to my mom.

With a perspective, I'm Waldemar.