A Voice for the Voiceless -- KONY 2012

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As my sister clicked the stop button, I felt a squeeze in my chest. Questions were running through my mind. Anger and frustration were building up. "Children!!" I kept screaming in my head. How, how can you do that to children?
That was the only thought that was running through my mind the whole day. Disgust and sadness overwhelmed me -- sadness for what these children had gone through and disgust for the human who manages to sleep at night. We need to demand justice for these children. But first we have to know what justice is.

KONY 2012 is a campaign with the goal of making Joseph Kony, head of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) from Uganda infamous, so awareness for his arrest can spread. He has abducted 30,000 children, turning young boys into child soldiers and young girls into sex slaves for his officers.

Kony has brainwashed these children with his lies and manipulated them with claims of divine powers. He has forced children to kill their parents or siblings. Kony has been committing these acts for 26 years, and nothing had been done to stop him except unsuccessful peace talks.

If we all support this campaign we can get him arrested, and that is justice for the children who have been in constant fear of being abducted to the point where they travel miles from their homes to sleep in school houses or churches.

We, the youth of America, can use social media to be part of a change, and make a difference in a third-world country that is million and millions of miles away, and where crimes are being committed in silence.


Our ability to banish Kony from power could prove that we don't need adults to make the change; we can do it for ourselves. We can recognize evil acts that hurt people, especially children, and be the voice for them. Kony 2012 is the answer to the ongoing war crimes committed by the LRA.

I am happy that my generation is doing something so that other evil leaders like Kony will know that their crimes are recognized, and that they cannot continue in silence.

With a perspective, I'm Khawlah Al-olefi.