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The census data is in, and the Bay Area boasts more than 7 million people. We're 53 percent white, 23 percent Asian and 7 percent African-American. Latinos, say the census, are a subset who cross all races, and similar to my beautiful wife, many are mixed Euro/Mexican-Spanish.

Bay Area, you contribute more than $400 billion annually to America's Gross Domestic Product. We are balanced at a 50/50 male-female ratio (except maybe in San Jose which is sometimes referred to as Man Jose by the bar-hoppers).

My wife is newly pregnant, and God-willing we are going to have a healthy Afghan, Euro-French, British, German, Greek and Mexican, Spanish baby soon. Is there a marker for seven more races? Or is that just called "human?"

These are trying times with deep cultural, racial, economic and political divides. With 7 million of us here, we are together but separate on our own paths. And yet, whether we are native to this land, out of state or out of country, together we toil away to evolve humanity by building that better mouse trap.

And build it we do. With just one tenth of one percent of the Earth's population, this magical Bay promotes the sharing of knowledge like never before. Our tweets, likes and nano-pads are causing massive shifts throughout the planet. With our kaleidoscope of colors; together we strive to evolve humanity.


It takes a global village to raise our children, so it is here that we've chosen to blaze our trails. For the sake of my unborn child, let's lead our America into the future with fortitude, not fear.

Soon my child will be one of approximately 7 million here. One mixed-race child on one planet within 100 billion stars within one galaxy within 100 billion in the visible universe. I think I need to call the census bureau and ask for that new checkbox.


With a Perspective, I'm Akeem Mostamandy.

Akeem Mostamandy manages field operations for a San Jose-based software company and volunteers for an international organization caring for Afghanistan orphans.