Nothing Succeeds Like Failure

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Thinking about the future gave me the chills. Growing up is pretty scary. Sometimes I wish I could pause time and stay the age I am now. But life doesn't work that way. We have to adjust and go with the flow. I'm not sure I am ready to take on the adult-work life many adults have problems with. We think failure is inevitable. What we don't know is that we can change our road from failure to success.

I have learned that risk plus failure equals success. If you take a risk, you might fail, but you will learn from it.  Failing makes you stronger and wiser; it teaches you never to trip over the same rock.

When I was really young I decided to be a lawyer. I even tried to dress professionally. Many people told me they were proud, and that I was going to earn a lot of money. But over time I realized I have other interests.

As a child I had a teddy bear named Daisy. She came with me everywhere. I started to make clothes for her that matched mine and I then realized, I can make normal-sized clothes.  So, for my fifth grade graduation, I completed my first dress and wore it to the ceremony. People couldn't believe that I made it myself. I knew then that my real passion was fashion designing. But I was ashamed because I was scared people wouldn't be proud of me anymore.

Now, I think it is very important to work for something you love because life can be very stressful if you work at something you don't. Work life can be stressful or amazing; it depends on what path you choose. Whatever path I choose, I'll tackle it with a good attitude and succeed. Life isn't perfect but you need to make the best of it.


With a Perspective, I'm Hazel Rojas.