My Own Road

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Transitioning from the life of a student into the business world seems like such a foreboding change. It's extremely nerve racking. Everywhere in the business world, there are people offering jobs, ways to make money and opportunities around every corner, empty promises of great working environments. But really, is that so?

What I need is more than just stable pay, more than a decent work place. What I need is something that will make me wake up in the morning, excited to work, excited to earn money. I want a job that I can find contentment and happiness in, where I have a balanced work and personal life.

It's terrifying to know that there are many out there who don't work under these conditions. It makes me wonder how they get up every morning, how they keep a smile on their faces. It scares me, I know for sure I would never want to work like that.

It seems that if I really pursue a job I, I would be searching forever. Some assurance would be nice. I mean, there are a handful of people out there who live like how I want to, but they're very few -- and what are the chances that I can get lucky like them?

The bottom line is that, for me as a student, it is extremely difficult to find the starting point of this maze. It really is a maze. Even a jungle. And I don't know where to begin. Hopefully I can find some guidance from people who are successful -- but what are the chances, really?


There are so many questions that I want to ask, and so many things I want to know to figure out in my road in life. And as the end of high school approaches, time begins to become scarce, and I still have no starting point. I guess that in the time I have left, I will find my own road. After all, doesn't everyone?

With a Perspective, I'm Jordan Le.

Jordan Le's commentary was produced in cooperation with Road Trip Nation.