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Since forever and a day, guns have been the primary weapon for violence in my neighborhood. Murder, robbery and intimidation is a gun’s m.o. They work too. If you see somebody coming down the street with a gun in their hand, what would you do? Walk on the opposite side, right? I would.

I know where to go to get a gun, but the thing about that is, with all the violence and killings, nobody is selling guns. They’re keeping them for themselves.

It’s so bad right now, when you go to buy a gun, they’ll try to rob you as you try to make the transaction.

I can name a few reasons why I used to need a gun and a few reasons why I would need one now. When I was in the streets, I needed a gun for protection. I robbed a few people in my lifetime, and I also used the gun to intimidate. Nobody really wants to mess with you if they know you always have a gun on you. Today, I don’t have a gun -- but if I did decide to get one it would only be to protect my family.

The world we live in is very unpredictable. You don’t know who’s who and what’s what. A person you’ve known your whole life could just lose his mind and try to kill you. I feel the world is that messed up. You never know what the next person is thinking.


Guns are not the thing you should be worried about. You should be worried about the person holding the gun. I’m scared of the killers, the person that has been dreaming of his first kill or that person who’s been killing for a long time. And you’ll never know who that person is until you take that last breath.

With a Perspective, I'm Thomas Taper.