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Don't worry. I don't go around telling my friends I have the cutest and most beautiful granddaughter in the whole wide world. I would never do that. Never ever. I am too cool. I am more into technology than baby boasting.

Here is what really happens. I just take out my iPhone and say: "Have you seen Camera Genius? It lets you zoom in to take a close up.  Here, look at the definition in this baby's picture."

The next  step?

"Take a look at this neat app. I've been using the iVideo camera and love the color. Watch closely. You can see this baby start to roll over and grab for her toys. Nice color, huh? Did you see her put her toes in her mouth?"

And then, the slideshow:


"My daughter just sent me this mobileme gallery. You can watch a slideshow and even put captions at the bottom of each picture. See the baby watching the fish in the aquarium?"

And then, the video chat:

"Do you know how to record an iChat? Take a look. I have a small collection of chats right here on my computer. It's really easy. The sound is quite amazing. Hear the baby cooing?"

By this time, I might just have let it slip that this photogenic baby is my baby baby. Well, not exactly mine.  She lives with my daughter and her husband. Look, here is a picture of the three of them. Don't you think her eyes are just like her dad's? They are coming to visit next week. There is one more thing I am going to try when she gets here: italk.

Maybe -- if I am really conscientious -- I can record her first real word: "grandma."

With a Perspective, this is Carol Kocivar.