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If everyone thought the same the same thing, we'd still be cavemen. We'd have nothing we have now: technology, electricity, pencils and paper, books, the light bulb, all sorts of things. I may be only 11, but you should try listening to what I think. Who knows, maybe you'll like it?

Everyone should have his or her own perspective. Can you imagine a world where everyone thought and believed the same thing? If something were wrong, it would never get fixed because everyone thought it was right. There'd be no debates or juries. Life would be dull and boring. We'd never move forward because no one would think to experiment. In some ways, things would be better. No fights. No jury duty. No murders. But things would also be so boring.

Great things have happened because people thought differently. I know I can think of a long list of people who changed the way we think. Galileo, Martin Luther King Jr., Obama. Without them the world would still be flat, black people would still be denied useful rights and there would have been no African-American president. We'd be nowhere.

Can you imagine the available jobs in a world where everyone thought alike? No teachers, judges, presidents, mayors, D.A.s, thieves, or anything. Jobs would be pretty much free of the independent thinking that leads to creativity. And you'd either hate your job or love it. And who would decide what everyone else thinks? I don't see any point of living in such a boring world.

I know you might not want to listen to this because I'm just a kid, and I'm thankful that you did this far. I really just want to say, don't change something you believe in because someone else thinks or doesn't think the same thing. I think this is important.


With a Perspective, this is Julia Moore.