The Hard Things About Moving

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Moving is a time in my life that can be hard because I have to meet new people in new places and then I have to leave them. I have moved two times across the states from California to Colorado and seventeen times into new houses. I moved so many times because of my mom's work and her just getting bored with our old house. I've always thought it would be hard to move states and leave my friends, but not this hard. This last time I didn't think I would ever see them again.

I never thought the day would come when my mom pulled my brother, sister and I to the table and said we were moving back to California. We were all surprised. And then she said we were leaving in five days. I never thought that would be enough time, but when my mom says we have to go, we have to go. So I said my goodbyes and told everyone that I would never see them again and got on the plane to the new world.

I stepped out of the plane excited to see California again. It looked the same as when I last saw it when I was two. We had to stay in a hotel for a week because all of our furniture was coming in from Colorado. It was tight with my whole family in one room and a challenge when we got on each other's nerves, but we were soon in a house and back to normal.

When we moved into my new house, it was beautiful to see the light red wallpaper and all of our furniture for the first time. I loved my new school because everybody there was so nice. When I first came it was easy to make friends. The only hard thing was that I couldn't remember anyone's name and when it was my turn to call on people, I blanked. It was so embarrassing because I was just standing still in front of the whole class.

I now appreciate that I have moved so many times because now it will be easier for me when I'm older and I have to move to a new place. I wish everyone had the chance to move because it's a life-changing experience for anybody.


With a Perspective, I'm Tessa.