Moving Schools is Hard

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Moving schools is hard but it is especially hard when you have to leave good friends and make new ones. This all started when I was pretending to sleep in my warm bed and I heard my mom and dad talking about me changing schools. Over breakfast I heard them talking again, which confirmed that I was changing out of my third grade class.

When I got to school I was miserable because it was my last week with my friends at BHDS. I was very sad, but the next few days passed like a flash. Then it was my last day at the school. 5,4,3,2,1,0, DING, it was summer. Walking out slowly and dragging my feet across the ground, I said goodbye to all my friends and then my car came. Waving out the window, the school was going, going, gone.

The summer went by quickly, and very soon I was getting ready to go to school. The San Francisco School, that's where I was going. I got into the car and we were going . . . to BHDS? I asked my dad why and he told me I was going back for two weeks to say good bye. It seemed like only a few seconds passed but it was my last day, I ran around the blacktop playing my last game of tag with my friends. 10 minutes later I left saying goodbye to my friends and my school.

The next day I went to The San Francisco School on 300 Gaven Street. As I got out of the car and through the gate, I had huge butterflies in my stomach. I walked up the stairs and walked into my new fourth grade classroom. I was scared that they would not welcome me in. But as I came through the door, 22 friendly faces smiled at me. The teacher introduced me to everyone, but I was still sweating all over and at last I got to sit down in my seat. People helped me find where all my classes were, only then I knew I was welcome there. I got into the car. Driving home I waved at the school, my school.

When I came home I went down to my room thinking that it was good that I changed schools. It was important to have friends to get me through moving schools even if I have to leave them at the end and make new friends. And everyone should try to make new friends when they move schools and keep in touch with your old friends.


With a Perspective, I'm Shane.