Relationships With Siblings are Complicated

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I slammed the door as my 8-month-old sister crawled lopsidedly towards our room. I thought to myself: "Sharing rooms with a family member can be a challenge." All I can say is when my sister joined the family, I knew things were about to get complicated.

It all started when, out of the blue, my parents told me that I was going to have a brother or a sister, and that it was already two months old in my mom's stomach. To tell the truth, I wasn't too thrilled about having to live with a brother or sister. Every time a conversation reached the subject, I tried hard to steer the conversation to a different topic. But then things got even worse when my dad told me that since there wasn't enough space in the house, I would have to share a room with my "new friend," as my parents called it.

Then my sister was born, and everything that my parents had told me began to come true. Every night my sister would scream and cry for milk. When she began to be able to move around, we had to keep a sharp eye on her. She started to destroy the most precious of my toys such as my miniature cars, my magic tricks book, and my chewed-off baby toys, and turn what used to be my room, upside down. The more I complained to my parents, the more certain they seemed to be that me and my sister were getting along well. However, some days my sister and I really did get along well and I learned to enjoy the moments when my sister and I were friendly to each other.

It was three years later that my parents decided that we would move to a bigger house. Me and my sister strongly opposed this plan. I think that we opposed this plan because we enjoyed the few moments where, instead of arguing, we would play with each other. But our opposition was not enough to change my parents' opinion. That same year, when we finally got around to moving, I couldn't decide on whether I should befriend my sister or become her enemy. Not surprisingly, my sister and I were reluctant to leave our old house.

It seems that we are getting used to the new house, and that we are liking it, all of us. In conclusion, sharing rooms with a sibling is very complicated.


With a Perspective, I'm Raul.