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People don't care about the environment as much as they should. The earth is an important place. There is no other place we know of that can support life as we know it. In my opinion, we need to work on caring for our environment.

At school, we use paper for everything, for every reprint in writing, and for the science packet the teacher copies. It's a waste! There's no need to use sheets and sheets of paper, it kills trees, therefore killing us in the long run, just because it's easier than using a slate and chalk. We need oxygen to breath, and that's what trees give us.

The other thing that's wrong is burning down rainforest to graze cattle. Rainforests are special. They contain thousands and thousands of different species of plants, birds, bugs and other animals. And to cut down trees just to eat beef, it's absurd. To save our precious rain forest, don't eat beef.

Water is another thing we humans take for granted. It's wasted everywhere and everyday. For example, people pour old water down the drain when it can be used to water plants, or leave the sink running while they brush their teeth. Every drop of water counts-- it's one of the most important things our bodies need to survive. There is only a small percentage of fresh water that we can drink on this earth. We need to conserve it.

In the end, if we pollute the air with all the cars, factories and big cargo ships, the ozone layer will disappear. The polar ice caps will melt, rising the sea level and flooding coasts. Polar bears, penguins and seals will die because we don't know how to properly care for our planet. If we waste water, there won't be any to drink, and we will die of dehydration. If all the trees and plants disappear, we won't have any oxygen to breath, or anything to get rid of the CO2 in the air. This is what will happen if we don't care about our planet, and if we don't care about other living things and what they and we, need to survive. I know people try. I see it in my home town, San Francisco. I see it in my school and in my house. But what you can do to save our earth is what's important. Don't waste paper and water, protest against cutting down trees, and please just do anything you can to save Planet Earth


With a Perspective, I'm Niza.