My Grandparents and Me

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When I go to my grandparents' house, instead of them taking care of me, I take care of them. I go to my grandparents every once in a while and I think sometimes, "Why can't they pay more attention to me?" You should also know that before I was born, my grandpa had a stroke; he has never been the same after that.

When I am at my grandparents we watch the Filipino channel on TV. On the Filipino channel, the only language they speak is Tagalog, even in commercials. Then my grandma calls me to help her make some food for my father and my grandpa.

So, my grandma and I heat up some food. I help my grandpa put a bib on himself because otherwise he will get food all over his shirt. Since my grandpa is old, he would need my grandma to help change his shirt. Sometimes in the morning when we are having toast or something that involves peanut butter, he needs my dad to open it because he can't.

When we are eating, my grandpa takes double the time that I take to eat, which is usually, like, 25 minutes. I usually wait and sit with my grandpa to be polite, so I sit there for, like, an hour. I help my grandpa put his dishes in the sink. But I kind of like helping out my grandparents because I know that they need my help.

I know that you probably think that I am not very grateful that I even have grandparents. It's just that, I need some adjustment. You know that I love my grandparents, it's just that sometimes I don't feel like taking care of them. I know I have to take care of them though because someday they are going to be gone and then I won't have any grandparents anymore. Without my grandparents, life will be sad.


With a Perspective, I'm Nina.