Jealous Or Not, Here He Comes

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"Mommy, how do you get rid of babies?" That's what I asked when my little brother was a few weeks old. You see it used to be just me and my older brother, but when my little brother came along jealousy came along with him. I didn't want to be jealous, I tried hard not to be, but every time someone said "Oh, what a cute baby," I felt envy.

Before my baby brother was born, I could not wait until he arrived. I would pray for him to come every night. I even bought diapers to practice changing them on my baby dolls. I also told my friends at school that he was going to be the bestest little brother in the whole world. That day he was born, March 16th, 2003, was a wonderful day . . . but not afterwards.

You know that feeling when you are all alone, no one smiles at you, no one even looks at you. That's how it was for the first years of having a baby brother. When we went to the mall, everyone would say "What a cute baby." I would just sit there thinking, "What about me?" My grandparents even brought him more gifts. That's the day I asked how to get rid of babies.

Well, that was back then. Now that I am older I know that my parents love each one of us the same. No one is the better, smarter, or cuter child. Also, as I got older I learned to love my brother, to be thankful for him, because without him, I would be lost.

I know that not everyone gets a sibling, or a mom and dad that love their children equally. That's why I am very thankful for my little brother, even though I used to be jealous of him. But he doesn't have to know about that.


With a Perspective, I'm Nahrie.