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Have you ever had something that you liked so much but then it disappears? That's what happened to me, except the thing I liked was only there for one month. One day in early summer my mom came home and told me that a store called Joseph Schmidt was closing down in one month. Joseph Schmidt closed down, along with my favorite chocolate.

Joseph Schmidt was closing down in one month. Why not try their chocolate? When my mom and I got there I was surprised to see the chocolate structures all along the back counter. The place was small and friendly. They only sold truffles, the best truffles.

There was a guy at the cashier who gave my mom and I samples. I took the chocolate and took a bite to see how the chocolate looked inside. I saw that there was smooth dark chocolate on the outside and creamy white stuff in the inside. It was the best chocolate I ever had. I sucked the creamy stuff first, then I let the chocolate melt in my mouth. The truffles came in all varieties. There was dark brown creamy stuff in the inside of the white chocolate. There was also a mixture of white chocolate, dark chocolate, white creamy stuff and dark creamy stuff in one whole chocolate.

We went to Joseph Schmidt every week after that. The same guy was there. Each week we got samples. We bought as much boxes of chocolate as we could. We got different varieties of chocolate. We got chocolate for presents for friends. Before I knew it, the rug got pulled out from under me. Joseph Schmidt closed down.

I never knew how good Joseph Schmidt chocolates were until the store closed down. There were still other chocolates in the world, but none as good as Joseph Schmidt. I'm still on the search to find a new favorite treat. It might not be chocolate, it can be ice cream, or brownies, or cheesecake, or even tea. But out of all the treats I've eaten, I'm very glad that Joseph Schmidt was one of them.


With a Perspective, I'm Luis.