Missing My Dad

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My dad lives in Los Angeles and I live in San Francisco. I miss him a lot. He has to work down there and so I see him when there are long vacations and I do not have to worry about school. It hurts me that I don't see him all the time. I also miss out on playing with my little sister and my little brother. I think that it has affected me a lot because now sometimes when I see my little brother, he does not know me.

There are things that I do up in San Francisco that I want my dad to see me do here. I miss him when I have a soccer game and he is not there to cheer me on. I want him to be standing on the sides cheering me on and telling me stuff to do to help us win. I've noticed that I'm the kid whose dad isn't there at soccer games. He's missed out on fun things like when I go to skate parks with my big brother, Mickey, and we skate until night. I want him to see how I'm learning tricks from Mickey and other guys.

When I'm there I miss out on stuff like my baby brother's first birthday that I wanted to celebrate with my brother and my dad. I miss out on playing freeze tag with my little sister and I also just miss having my dad with me. We play Connect Four and we have drawing contests with my little brother to see who has the best drawing of my chihuahua Paco. Then he pays a dollar a winner. We also wrestle. I'm almost big, so now he is losing more.

It haunts me that I didn't grow up with my father. When he calls me on the phone it just makes me miss him more. I don't like to talk with him on the phone because it makes me feel that he is not there with me.

I wish I could just move to LA and see him for ever. Or that he could come up to San Francisco and I could see my whole family together. But now I know that he will not come because he is too attached to LA. I guess I'll just have to settle seeing him every now and then.


With a Perspective, I'm Lauro.