The Jump

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Going from fifth to sixth grade is a big jump. For me, it meant moving to a different school, getting special privileges like staying up later than my brother and sister, and even getting a cell phone. I got my first phone the week before school started. I felt like a grownup. But sometimes I feel I am growing up too fast. If you are in sixth grade you might know how I feel.

Maybe going into sixth grade means being a little scared. When my mom pulled up to my new middle school on the first day of school I felt like going back to bed, and hiding under my warm covers. As I walked through the rusty wood gates, I could feel my face turning beet red. Kids turned around to stare. I quickly walked over to the playground to find my friend Aimee. I felt anxious to start middle school, getting a cool locker all to myself, and a cell phone, but I was nervous and scared. Part of me felt annoyed at my mom. She was taking pictures here and there-- I couldn't stand it! Then the bell rang and I ran up the stairs to the sixth grade room.

About a week into school, my backpack was so heavy my dad couldn't even carry it. My binders were overflowing with homework. I found myself working on homework at 9:00 at night, unlike in fifth grade when I was fast asleep at 7:00. After everyone was fast asleep except me, my sister would walk into the kitchen and ask me, "Why don't I get to stay up late like you?" To her staying up until 9:00 is fun. I try to tell her that it isn't fun, but she never listens.

Another hard part about middle school is making new friends. On the last day of summer I was worrying all day, thinking whether anyone would like me. My mom told me not to worry and she said it would be just fine. A few days into school I made plenty of friends and we all hung out together playing wall ball and sitting around talking.

I am now finding myself loving middle school. Homework is thinning out, I have made friends, and I love my school. Moving up to middle school is full of fun and crazy surprises.


With a Perspective, I'm Jordan.