My Mixed Emotions and My Adoption

at 2:00 PM
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I always think about how my life began and how it would have turned out if I had not been adopted. During Adoption Week, I am told the story of my life and I how I was born. My adoption is a ball of mixed emotions: sometimes I feel happy about my adoption, sometimes I feel sad.

My birth mom was not happy about giving me up. She gave me up for good reasons though. She could not support me and she already had four children. But I am sure that she was also happy to have found the best parents in the world for me, my current parents, Hazel and Matt. You might say that my birth mom had mixed feelings about placing me up for adoption. My parents also had mixed feelings. They were happy to get a new kid, but sad that I had been taken away from my mom.

On the plane from L.A., my parents told me that I never cried. I was asleep most of the time, a happy little baby, unaware of what had just happened to me. When I first woke up in my new home on Potrero Hill in San Francisco, I cried, and cried, and cried as though I had just realized that I had been taken away from my birth mother. After crying, I began to explore my new home, happy to have somewhere to play. Today, I continue to have mixed emotions: I feel like I am different, from another world, but I also feel happy to have friends that are fine with me, who I am, Jackson.

I learned from my parents that my birth parents split up before I was born. My dad was a very bad person and I am not proud to be his son. I am glad that I never saw him and he never saw me. But I also want to meet him because he is my birth dad, no matter what.

I think that the world is mixed emotions. People change and cheer up even if they want to be sad or to be depressed. Do you think the world is mixed emotions just like my adoption? Or maybe your parents are divorced? Do you think the world is a ball of mixed emotions?


With a Perspective, I'm Jackson.