Having Divorced Parents

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It's hard, going back and forth to two houses. Waiting for them to get back together. But no. Having divorced parents is still hard for an 11-year-old like me. I know it doesn't sound that bad to you, like, whatever. It seams like a normal break up. But it was the break up that my parents had and it's still hard for me.

I was just 4 years old when I found out that they had divorced. I remember that my mom and dad sat me down and told me that they were getting a divorce. I didn't know what that meant to me, so they told me. Not knowing what happened or why it happened. I thought, "What happens now?"

I didn't want to switch houses. I wanted to stay with my mom, but I still had to go back to my dad's house. I was so bored. He didn't have any toys for me to play with. I wanted my mom and dad to get back together because when I was little, I felt like my life was miserable because it was so hectic. Sometimes I would forget and ask my mom, "Where's dad?" But then my mom told me that he wasn't here. I thought it was just a temporary thing, like they had to take a break from each other, but I was wrong. They are never getting back together.

But now I am older, and I'm used to it. I can handle the fact that they are never getting back together. My mom has moved on, one new son and a new partner. My dad has also moved on. He has moved in with my uncle to save money. But sometimes when I talk about the fact that they aren't getting back together anymore, I cry.

In the future it might be easier for me or it might be harder. I want everyone who's listening to this to feel no sympathy for me because I have also moved on. Living in two houses is just a normal day for me. If your parents are getting a divorce, be strong and hope for the best.


With a Perspective, I'm Isaiah.