I Hate Video Games

at 2:30 PM
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I hate video games! I know that's really odd for an 11-year-old to say, but it's true. I hate video games because the subjects of killing people and car racing just don't appeal to me. I always felt so excluded when people would talk about video games. You see, it seems like if you hate video games, everyone either dislikes you or harasses you.

At my elementary school, the subjects that all the boys would talk about were video games. All the boys but me, that is. I would sit there waiting for one of the more mature boys to actually start a productive conversation. I usually got the worst of luck, because one of the boys would blurt out, "Eytan,what video games do you play?" My response was, "I don't." Then they make fun of me. They would yell at me, "You don't even play Wii? Guitar Hero?" It was infuriating.

Even my closest friends are mean to me about my opinion. They don't understand that not liking video games is fine. Really, all video games are is sitting all day in front of a TV, killing people or car racing. I've played many video games that people love, like Guitar Hero, Wii Sports, and Halo. I hate them all. I just don't get the point of them.

I have better things to do than being a couch potato and killing things. Instead, I prefer active things like biking, playing in a park, going on a run, hiking, rock climbing and other productive outdoor activities.

Even though there is peer pressure for me to play video games, I still don't because I know it's the right thing to believe in what you think is right, not what other people want you to do. I get a lot of encouragement from my dad, Dean Schillinger, the chief of Diabetes of California. These days, more and more people are in front of the TV, or playing video games and getting illnesses like diabetes. Instead, you should go out and enjoy the day.


With a Perspective, I'm Eytan.