What I Like About Soccer

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I still remember that day eight years ago when my parents asked me if I wanted to be on a soccer team because all my friends were. Now my perspective about soccer is this: I love it. Soccer makes me feel like I am finally good at something that I can do freely and practice.

One of the best things about soccer and being a forward/ mid fielder is scoring a goal. It is a great feeling when I have just megged someone (kicked the ball through someone's legs and got it on the other side) and am about to shoot. I get this weird, excited feeling. Then, if I score, it feels exciting, happy, and like I accomplished something, and I want to score again. If I miss, there's the feeling that I could have scored and I want to try and score again.

Another exciting feeling I get is after I fake someone out. I feel like I don't want to pass the ball, I just want to keep going and score. However, sometimes I have to pass and it feels good when my teammates score. Or if they don't score, at least I feel confident because you made a beautiful play.

Some people might say that moves are the only way to fake people out, but if you have speed, one, fast and easy way of faking people out is to run straight at them, then, move to the side very quickly. Most times they stab at the ball and then when you move to the side, they are beat. But you should do moves too, and if you are even better, then you can also add a move to the cycle. Then the cycle looks like this: run straight at your opponent, do a move like the scissors, the snake, the hocus pocus, then move to the side very quickly. But if you did the snake or the hocus pocus, then you skip the move to the side part. Ball handling and moves are definitely a good thing to practice for any position.

Sometimes my coach signs us up for a tournament that is pretty far away. We stay in a hotel, which is really fun, especially if there is a pool. Then after the games my team and I hang out in the pool and I have a pretty fun time. Or we run around in the hotel, which is also pretty fun. We usually stay for two days on the weekend and play about three to four games depending if we make it to the finals. On my old team, the Glenns, we got second place in every tournament we played in, which was about four. Even in the Association Cup, which lasted 3 weeks, we got second place.


Soccer is my favorite sport and I hope I will play it for a long time. I at least want to get on a college team and I definitely want to try to get on a professional team. Soccer has taught me how important team work is and that practice actually does make perfect.

With a Perspective, I'm Eric.