One Room for Me

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A room filled with mostly my parents' belongings, that is my bedroom. My home is an old basement in my aunt's house. I want a room that I can travel into my own world. How do you feel about your room? Do you compare it to other people's rooms?

I live in the smaller room, while my parents live in the bigger one. This room is where I sleep, along with a twin-sized bed, a small cabinet, a fuzzy chair, two storage racks, and an electric keyboard. When you walk around the narrow "passageway," be careful! You might bump into something that doesn't belong to me.

The racks piled with clothing contain only a small portion of my clothing. They take up about one-third of "my" room. Then, one-sixth is left for a passageway for my parents to leave the room area. Since my room is right between the living room and my parents' room, and there are no other exits than the one leaving from my room, I have to make way for them to pass and enough room to do our weekly vacuum duty.

With about half of the room left for me, my bed takes up about one-third of my room. I admit that I have many stuffed animals and I store my clothing in my room. My bed is a nightmare! It is not messy, which you might have thought as the nightmare. It is rather neat, I shall say. It's my mattress, it slumps down when I lie on it, especially in the center. It's, like, deflating! When I sleep on it, it's like a valley in between two mountains.

I just want my own room, with my own belongings. A room with my private space. My dream room is really simple-- two racks for my own clothing and a good mattress. A room that is only mine, one that is truly my own.


With a Perspective, I'm Crystal.