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Do you believe in the saying, "dog is man's best friend"? I definitely do. My parents say that everybody in my family is represented in my dog Keira. The very first day I got Keira I knew she would have a huge impact on my family.

I had a soccer game when my family was supposed to go get my dog, so my parents got her while I was playing. When I got home I was very nervous. A lot of things were going around in my mind like "What if my dog doesn't like me?" and "What if she likes my brother more than she likes me?" Then I wondered where this new puppy was. Then I saw a miniature grey and white little skinny creature chewing on my Star Wars toys. I loved her from the minute I saw her. She was one of the cutest dogs I had ever seen. She had two small floppy ears and four small stubby legs. That night I slept very well knowing that my family had found a companion that will stick with us no matter what happens.

The number one reason we got Keira was because my brother Roberto and I were feeling lonely because we were being left alone more often. From the first day with Keira, my brother and I could see that this dog would stop the lonely feeling we experienced when my parents left. One day, as both my parents were out, I felt very alone and started to cry. As I was crying, my dog started to lick my hands. She calmed me down and I stopped crying and began to smile.

Keira has a little bit of everyone in our family in her. She is like my mom because she always looks on the bright side of things. For example, when I lose a soccer game I sit on the couch with a very mopey face. My dog and mom come to cheer me up. My mom hugs me while my dog Keira licks me on the cheek. She is like my dad because she always knows what to do. This may sound crazy but sometimes by just talking to my dog about social problems I come up with a solution. It is almost like she is talking back to me.

My brother and Keira have one thing in common -- they are both unique. My brother is unique because he makes electronic music. My dog is unique because she is someone who can help you no matter what. She is like me because we both love to play with other people. This is a problem sometimes because other people might not be in the mood to play and they might get angry at me, or my dog.


I always hear from other people that dogs resemble their owners; in my case this is true. This might be why dogs are one of the most common house pets. I am so very lucky that I have a dog because I know a lot of people in the world cannot afford one or are not able to take care of one. I love Keira because she is my companion and friend in life and I know I can count on her at every turn. Now you tell me, is dog man's best friend?

With a Perspective, I'm Antonio.