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The night our Tata died my whole family was with him, even my uncle from Miami. That night I woke up at 4:29 in the morning. Lying in bed, I look over and see my cousin Memo half-asleep. We hear voices outside my room and decide to investigate. Jumping off my bed, I look at my cousins soundly asleep on the floor. Memo reaches for the door but it opens itself. I walk out of my room into the hallway and see my family crying. We both know my grandpa is lying in bed ... dead.

"He's dead, he's dead," I hear my aunt crying and holding my shirt, like if a bully would punch me. "Martha calm down. You're scaring the kids," my other aunt whispers. I look down at my grandpa Tata. I walk to him and touch him. He is still warm. I say my last goodbye, sit down and cry.

My grandpa had a big impact on my family. Now that he is gone my family will always remember him.

My grandpa was a person who would support his family all the time no matter what obstacles where in his way. He took care of my cousin Memo and I when we needed babysitting. We would run into his house and get toys. Then he would come and chase us around the house. My grandpa Tata was always a positive spirit. He played with us and was never mean. As we grew up and didn't need much babysitting, Tata started to play with us during parties. Tata would be the bad guy and me and my cousins would protect my cousin Isa, the princess.

My grandpa was a big part of my family. When he died this fall, life got harder. Since my grandpa died, my grandma didn't have enough money to pay to live in her apartment. Now, my grandma has to put stuff in storage, and sell her apartment. My grandma can hardly see her belongings now. When our Tata was alive he would bring over Gallo Pinto and other delicious Nicaraguan food. I'm going to miss eating Gallo Pinto made by him.


My grandpa supported our family. He never liked to see his children arguing. Now that he's gone, I will promise never to forget him. One of the things I will always remember about him is when he would play with us. I'm sad he won't be able to see his great-grandchildren.

With a Perspective, I'm Andrés.