We Are All Our Own Selves

at 3:40 AM
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It seems as if people look at me as one of them, but I know that I'm my own self. It doesn't matter what they see on the outside. No matter how much I change on the outside with looks, or personality, I still have my inner self, which stays unique. No matter what, we don't fully know each other, considering we have a mind, where we keep some of our thoughts and emotions to ourselves.

Depending on where I am, my personality changes. I seem more comfortable being myself outside of school, or with someone you have known for a long time. You don't end up worrying what people think of you when you're in your comfort zone. My comfort zone is with people I have known for a long while, or somewhere I go regularly, like school or home. When I'm just with one friend, or at home, I don't end up worrying about groups, or stuff related to that. I get to do the stuff I enjoy, like my hobbies, and other personality.

People try to stay the same as their friends or people they want to hang out with. People don't always know they can be their own, unique self. I've noticed it happen a lot in my life. I see a friend that I know from school, go to their house, or somewhere in my life, and I see their personality change. It's as if they're a new person, one that you never met. It seems as if they feel more comfortable being themselves when they're in a safe zone away from school. I think we are sometimes afraid of what other people think of who we really are.

Not every one has a full idea of who I am on the inside. If we all tried, we could know a bit more about each other. Who do you know the most? Is it our brother or sister, best friend, or parents? It seems impossible for everyone to know the true you. I keep a lot of things in my head. You probably do too. It's one of the reasons I can't be like anyone else.

So don't go around thinking you have to stay how you are at school or home all the time. It shouldn't matter to people when you do change, as long as it's the true you. You can always change on the inside, with your thoughts, and emotions, and true personality. On the outside you always end up changing with looks, or your outside personality. We are so accustomed to disguising ourselves to others, that in the end, we become disguised to ourselves. Even I sometimes don't know who I am. You were born original, don't live a copy.


With a Perspective, I'm Amara.