Saying Goodbye

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We drove through the heavy San Francisco traffic on a dark night. Finally, we were at the airport. For the last few years we've had to take my brother to the airport to go to college. This year was the hardest. I had to say goodbye to both my brothers when they left for college in New York instead of just one. They are seven and ten years older than me.

Driving to the airport is boring, especially when I'm tired. I never think I'm going to miss them, but after they've been gone awhile, I do. When we get there we hug and they walk into the airport. We watch them walk in until all we can see is their shadows. Then we get back in the car and drive back through the misty traffic. I think about having fun with them and playing video games. I fall into bed, but I start to miss them.

After about a week I start feeling so alone and bored. It's like being an only child and I hate it. At dinner it's only my parents and I. You can hear a pin drop most of the time and it's never as exciting at home. It's weird going down stairs and not seeing the big mess my oldest brother often has in his room. I miss the music they play at night. When school starts I forget all about missing them because I have all my friends, but I never forget they're gone.

"When are they coming home?" That's what I always ask my mom when my brothers are coming. We finally go to pick them up, either for Christmas or summer break. This time I'm actually excited. We park in the parking lot and take the elevator into the airport. When we wait for them I wander around looking at the stores-- maybe getting a snack. Once they land, I run back to my parents and wait. When I see them coming, I slide out of my seat and start jumping. I hug them hard when they walk over. They're so big compared to me.

I have to live without them and even when they are here, I don't always see them. They're with their friends or I'm with mine, but at least I know they're home. Sometimes siblings are annoying, but it's not fun when they leave.


With a Perspective, I'm Aimee.