Coming Out of Conformity

at 10:00 PM
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Why did I shave my head and call myself Ben Franklin for two months? Because no one else was doing it. Because now I'm Ben Franklin, I'm the real American phenomenon. I can show my patriotism through my bald head. Coming out of conformity, I suppose is one of the best decisions of my entire life.

I have many canes, a white suit with a matching Panama hat, a charcoal wool suit with a matching bowler cap -- it's a great conversation starter. Perhaps by dressing up, I am hiding a little bit. I've got my wacky looking hair on a normal day and my wacky looking haircuts on an interesting day.

But I feel almost as if I'd be much more hiding if I wasn't dressing up, if I was self-conscious of that kind of feeling that I want to dress up and do something crazy like. If I refrained from that I would be stopping myself from doing what I really wanted. It sounds so, so suburban ... to fill my lack of activities I go out and buy things. And it is really suburban. Walnut Creek's a boring place. You really have to invent your own fun there. And every group of people has their own way of inventing their own fun. And my way is to go out to Berkeley and find the craziest article of clothing I can buy on Telegraph and buying it.

I've been told by many of my peers that there's a very strong mystery to my character that no one can quite understand. And as awesome and dramatic as that sounds, I kind of feel like that's a little bit true, like maybe there's some of me that I don't understand. There's some kind of motive there that runs deeper than just conscious thought. Maybe I'm not entirely sure who I am, so as a reaction I just throw on all kinds of crazy clothing and in some way, I'm sure I'll get right who I am because I'm always wearing something different.