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A window with a police emblem reflects a gathering of people outside, together holding a long, yellow sign which we can see, reflected backward in the reflection, says #JUSTICEFORSEAN.

In Vallejo, Investigations of Police Take So Long, Officers Kill Again Before Reviews Are Done

An Oakland police officer stands behind yellow caution tape, with a police car in the background.

From Scandal to Scrutiny: How Vigilant Citizen Oversight Helped Reshape Oakland's Police Force

A middle-aged white man, Chesa Boudin, wears a white shirt, gray-and-red-striped tie, and navy suit jacket with a red pocket square next to a lapel pin that's a seven-pointed star (the seal of the SF District Attorney's Office). Chesa has a brown beard, a trim haircut a bit longer on top, and a receding hairline. He looks somber. He appears to be standing on an outdoor stairway, amid three other people who are partially visible, all dressed casually.

A 'Blame Game'? Criminal Justice Experts Debate Effort to Recall SF DA Chesa Boudin

The California capitol building in the middle of the frame, with sunlight peaking through a tree on the right side with a fence in the foreground.

11 New California Laws in 2022 Explained Through Video

The Supreme Court building, modeled on a classical Roman temple made of white marble with massive pillars and steps all around, is empty outside, with some cones blocking off the main entrance.

What the Recent Supreme Court Ruling in Favor of Police Officers Means for Qualified Immunity

Gavin Newsom, wearing a black mask and standing beyond a podium with the Seal of California, scribbles in a tiny notepad.

Newsom Signs Plenty of Bills — But What Makes Him Kill One?

A Greek-style facade with pillars and a dome, with fir branches in the foreground.

The Major Bills Newsom Just Signed and Vetoed

A show graphic that says "On Our Watch. Police secrets, unsealed."

Update: Oscar Grant and the California Attorney General

Blurred hands raised in the foreground, with police in battle gear in formation standing on the steps of a building.

Newsom Signs Bill That Strips Badges From Cops for Serious Misconduct