Oroville DamOroville Dam

The photo on the left shows more land and a bit of water under a bridge. The photo on the right shows more water under the bridge.

PHOTOS: See How Storms Have Refilled California Reservoirs

Rushing white waters rapidly flow down the spillway at the Nicasio Reservoir in California as a person in a black hoodie and jeans walks along the levee to the right.

California's Historic Storms Are Refilling Reservoirs Faster Than They Can Handle

A Mark Fiore cartoon showing a glass "half full," a glass "half empty" and the reservoir behind the Oroville Dam and hydroelectric plant ">three-quarters empty." There is a sign by the hydroelectric plant that reads, "sorry, no hydro. Check back later."

No Hydro Means No Hydroelectric

Water Flows Down Oroville Dam's Rebuilt Spillway for First Time Since 2017 Crisis

The Oroville Dam Spillway's Inaugural Spill

As Reservoir Rises, Rebuilt Oroville Dam Spillway to Be Used for First Time

FEMA Details Why It Rejected State's Request for Oroville Spillway Funds

Federal Disaster Agency Rejects $306 Million Request for Oroville Spillway Reimbursement

Updated Cost for Oroville Dam Spillway Disaster: $1.1 Billion