People stand in line outside of a court buidling.

South Bay Rep. Calls for Overhaul of Immigration Court System to Block Political Meddling

A person has their back to the camera as they talk on the phone outside a house on a sunny day.

For Asylum Seekers, Finding a Lawyer is Essential to Avoid Deportation

closeup shot of a nurse's hand operating a blood pressure monitoring device

Will California Create Nation's First Universal Health Care System?

A woman sits in a red plaid dress holding papers with a Christmas tree in the background.

A Simple Paperwork Error Can Get Asylum Seekers Deported. Rosa Díaz Got Lucky on a Lunch Break

A person has their back to the camera as they talk on the phone outside a house on a sunny day.

'I Hope a Lawyer Will Answer': Asylum-Seekers Risk Deportation in Expedited Process

A man holds a child by the hands as the child flips upside down inside of a house. Another child plays nearby on the floor while a woman works on a computer at a kitchen table in the background.

'There's a Lot That's Not Working Within the System': Afghan Evacuees Struggle with Housing and Immigration Hurdles

Two women hold a banner on a street corner that says 'Not One More Detention, Not One More Deportation.'

Protesters Demand ICE Stop Using Yuba Jail to Detain Immigrants

A crowd of people, including someone pushing a stroller, walk along a road.

US Resumes Trump-Era Policy Forcing Asylum-Seekers, Many in California, to Wait in Mexico

Clothes hang across the top of a chain-link fence in a photo taken as the sun was setting, gold-tinted light floods the concrete from behind the clothes. A freeway can be seen on the right side of the frame, in the background, a low building in the background to the left.

In Tijuana, Desperate Asylum Seekers Prepare for the Return of 'Remain in Mexico'