A woman sits in a red plaid dress holding papers with a Christmas tree in the background.

A Simple Paperwork Error Can Get Asylum Seekers Deported. Rosa Díaz Got Lucky on a Lunch Break

A person has their back to the camera as they talk on the phone outside a house on a sunny day.

'I Hope a Lawyer Will Answer': Asylum-Seekers Risk Deportation in Expedited Process

Two women hold a banner on a street corner that says 'Not One More Detention, Not One More Deportation.'

Protesters Demand ICE Stop Using Yuba Jail to Detain Immigrants

Two protesters hold signs. One says, "ICE Out: K-Town contra las redadas," or K-Town against mass deportations; the other says "Stop Biden's Deportations."

Biden Administration Orders ICE to Stop Mass Raids on Immigrants' Workplaces

Newsom Pardons Formerly Incarcerated Firefighters

State Legislatures Weigh Bills to Close Private Prisons as Opposition to Immigration Jails Grows

Advocates Work to Combat Vaccine Distrust in ICE Detention Facilities

‘A Butterfly With My Wings Cut Off’: A Transgender Asylum Seeker’s Quest to Come to California

Biden Administration on the Defensive Over Conditions at Border Detention Centers