Beyond #MeTooBeyond #MeToo

The California Report's new series Beyond #MeToo: Abuse and Power Through a California Lens tackles many of the questions that have arisen in the wake of the #MeToo movement, and investigates how they play out in our lives, past the headlines. We’ll look at topics like how boys are raised, explore different California “bro” cultures and talk about sexual harassment and its effect on women’s lives. The series is designed to further conversations about sex and consent, power and masculinity and the possibility of redemption. Have you ever confronted someone who harassed you? Did you forgive them? How did you move past it, or is that even possible? Call us with your stories, and we’ll play some of them on The California Report: 415-553-2204. You can also email us with your contact information, and we’ll give you a call back:

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