Tall stacks at a refinery spew clouds of smoke.

Safety Agency Issues $1.75 Million in Fines Over Worker's Death at Valero Refinery

Alexandra Cousteau | This Week in CA News

A narrow road leading to a body of water.

New Water Restrictions Ordered for 1.4 Million East Bay Residents, Amid Ongoing Drought Conditions

A man holds a hose to water a lawn outside.

Watering Lawns Once a Week and $2,000 Fines: Southern Californians Prepare for Water Restrictions As Drought Worsens

Cartoon: happy people celebrate around a "JFK Drive" sign in Golden Gate Park. The "drive" on the sign is crossed out and replaced with a list of "walk, cycle, skate, run, frolic, amble, anything but drive."

A Park for People, Not Cars

A group of protestors stands shoulder to shoulder on the far side of a floor-to-ceiling window, facing out to a street, including passing cars, seen reflected in the glass. Behind them is a red, antique horse carriage with "Wells Fargo & Co. Overland Stage" lettered in yellow across the top, and luggage piled on the roof. Beyond the carriage is a sign hanging from a second-story walkway that says "Fossil Free Future." Nine of the visible protestors in the foreground hold a thin white banner at chest height that reads "W(t)F(?): Your lending is ending all life. Pass shareholder Res #9." All wear facemasks and appear calm, and most appear to be smiling. At first glance, most appear to be white and middle-aged.

'Putting Profits Over People's Lives': Climate Activists Released After Protest at Wells Fargo Headquarters

A group of people dig and turn over a large compost pile.

Meet Three of the Women Behind an Indigenous Land Back Effort to Reclaim an SF Peninsula Farm

Earth Day Special: CA's Water Explained | Jared Blumenfeld | Sustainable Wine

Cartoon: a couple hikes by a beautiful forest and pond. The man says, "what a great place to celebrate Earth Day! Out in nature, by a lovely pond..." The woman says, "um, that's a glacier."

Happy Earth Day!