Transitional Kindergarten Staffing Ratios Are Often Unmet, Teachers Say. So Why Do Some Districts Escape Fines?

Tents are set up on the steps leading up to a building. A red-white-green-black Palestinian flag hangs from one tent. One banner hung from the building in the background says: 'An injury to Gaza is an injury to us all.' Another says: 'Divest.'

UC Stands Firm on $32 Billion Investment Plans Amid Pro-Palestinian Calls for Withdrawal

California’s Future Educators Divided on How to Teach Reading

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California Legislature Halts 'Science of Reading' Mandate, Prompting Calls for Thorough Review

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California Teachers Union Opposes Bill Mandating 'Science of Reading' in Schools

a Black woman stands in front of a screen and presents

Why Can't California, Districts Recruit and Retain More Black Teachers?

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California Lawmakers Propose New Measures to Combat Sexual Harassment in Higher Education

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UC Weighs Policy to Curb Faculty Opinions on University Websites

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Farm-to-Desk? How This School District Is Getting Fresh Produce to Students