Jean Quan's Rap Video

Regarding the just-resolved Oakland mayoral race, The Bay Citizen asks Did Quan's Rap Video Sway Voters?

To which we reply: Jean Quan has a rap video?

Well, as you'll see below, she doesn't appear as an actual performing artist, though she does manage to keep relatively decent time via frequent head-bobbing. Let's just hope that this type of musical outreach-cum-pandering not only becomes de rigueur among political hopefuls, but that eventually it assumes status as an obligatory campaign occurrence, like pressing the flesh at fundraising events, sampling local restaurant fare, and publically stating that you're not a witch.


More on the video from

...“DREAM A Better Oakland”... featured local rap artists Chris Star, G Saleem and Loz Perez, who are depicted riding in a car driven by the head-bobbing candidate, as the four drive through the working-class streets of “deep” East Oakland, toward the home of a neighborhood supporter. To top it off, the video ends with a patriotic salute to Raiders fans in the audience.

It is unlikely that the Perata campaign considered this unorthodox approach to campaigning. But hey, it’s Oakland! You know how we do it… Just call her “DJ J-Quan.”