California Governor's Race: The Other Candidates

If you're like most California voters, you're going to vote on Tuesday for either Meg Whitman or Jerry Brown, if you have not already done so. Still, you do have some other choices besides the Republican and Democratic candidates; there are four other names on the ballot, representing third parties.

The California Report's Governing California project has solicited answers to 10 questions about the state's dysfunctional government from all of the candidates. Three--Meg Whitman, Jerry Brown, and American Independent candidate Chelene Nightingale--didn't respond, but with the help of Politics Verbatim, which tracks the candidates' public statements, Governing California was able to glean their policy positions anyway.

So here they are, in their own words: Carlos Alvarez of the Peace and Freedom Party, Chelene Nightingale of the American Independent Party, Dale F. Ogden of the Libertarian Party, and Laura Wells of the Green Party, answering questions about the budget, the initiative process, term limits, redistricting, and more.

Want to know more? KQED's Forum hosted all four of them on September 29. Take a listen: