Quotes of the Day: Gangs, San Bruno, Barry Bonds

"We are not saying anyone on the Brown campaign be fired. What I should have made clear was that anyone who says the 'W' word from here on should be fired. What happened last week was a teachable moment for all of us. We can all agree that the word is offensive and should be retired."

-Terry O'Neill, NOW president, on the controversy over a Jerry Brown aide using the word "whore" to describe Meg Whitman

"The Norteños have been one of the most destructive, vicious and sociopathic criminal organizations in Oakland, not just for years, but literally for generations."

-John Russo, Oakland City Attorney, at a news conference announcing that the city is seeking an injunction against the Fruitvale area gang.

"A lot of these people, when they're coming home, maybe they've been inside. They've been slapped with an injunction - how is that going to help them re-enter society and be successful? It's not."

-Tony Marks-Block, 25, Fruitvale district school employee

"The good news is that the pipeline operator had a safety valve designed into their system that took over. The bad news is that even at this lower pressure, something caused the pipeline to rupture. That shouldn't happen. Something's not right in (PG&E's) integrity-management program."

-Richard Kuprewicz, pipeline safety consultant, after reading the NTSB preliminary report on the San Bruno gas explosion

"It's like living on a ticking time bomb. Even if they fix it, we will still not feel safe."

-Vitaliy Rayz, San Bruno resident, on his fear of the gas transmission pipeline that exploded on Sept. 9 and still runs through his neighborhood

"Mayor Newsom did not care. He had the ability and power to keep the business open and he didn't."

-Brandon Gesicki, Lieutenant Governor and Newsom opponent Abel Maldonado's campaign manager, trying to make the contentious closure of Ike's Place in San Francisco a campaign issue


-Dan Newman, Newsom campaign manager

"It's not a big deal, and we're taking care of it."

-Tim Lincecum, Giants ace, on a blister that has resurfaced on his pitching hand

"I'll always be a Giants fan. The Giants are my heart. The city I love. Like I always try to tell people, I don't really have fans in San Francisco, I have family. That's my family. So if you think I'm going for Philadelphia, forget it. I never go out without my people. I 'm a Giant for life. I love you. Much love to San Francisco."

-Barry Bonds, caught on video today in Santa Monica