Wax Version of Mark Zuckerberg Debuts This Summer

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Stephanie Martin finally gets her interview.
Stephanie Martin finally gets her interview. (Courtesy of Stephanie Martin/KQED)

Finally, after years of interview requests, here I am face-to-face with the CEO of Facebook. He is casually sitting on a chair, cross-legged and barefoot, holding a laptop and wearing his trademark hooded sweatshirt.

It is a quieter meeting than I would have wanted, as Mark Zuckerberg just smiles and stares into space, flanked on one side by a stoic Leonardo DiCaprio in a suit and a dancing Rihanna on the other. Standing next to the new lifelike wax sculpture of Zuckerberg might be the closest I get to an interview. I am enthralled.

Twenty artists worked for months to construct the sculpture. It’s the small details, like the hand-painted freckles, that make Zuckerberg look real, says wax artist Petra Van der Meer.

"You can see the eyes. They're made of acrylic,” Van der Meer adds. “They're also hand-painted. And, also, you can see the tiny little veins in the corners of his eyes. Those are silk threads,” she says.

The artists inserted his hair, which is real, one strand at a time.


Wax sculptures of local celebrities will make up 35 percent of the sculptures in the brand-new Madame Tussauds wax museum on Fisherman's Wharf when it opens June 26 — at the same site as the now-defunct Wax Museum at Fisherman's Wharf, which closed last August after 50 years.

Zuckerberg didn't sit for the sculpture and there is no word from Facebook on how its leader feels about his new doppelganger. But on Wednesday, Facebook (run by the living Zuckerberg) announced the introduction of a news wire service for journalists and newsrooms, FB Newswire.