Google Bus Protesters' Manifesto: 'Get Out of Oakland!'

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Flyer distributed by Google bus protesters in West Oakland, as posted to Twitter.
Flyer distributed by Google bus protesters in West Oakland, as posted to Twitter.

Here's the full text of a flyer handed out by protesters in West Oakland on Friday morning.

In case you're wondering why this happened, we'll be extremely clear. The people outside your Google bus serve you coffee, watch your kids, have sex with you for money, make you food, and are being driven out of their neighborhoods. While you guys live fat as hogs with your free 24/7 buffets, everyone else is scraping the bottom of their wallets, barely existing in this expensive world that you and your chums have helped create.

You are not innocent victims. Without you, the housing prices would not be rising and we would not be facing eviction and foreclosure. You, your employers, and the housing speculators are to blame for this new crisis, so much more awful than the last one. You live your comfortable lives surrounded by poverty, homelessness, and death, seemingly oblivious to everything around you, lost in the big bucks and success. But look around, see the violence and degradation out there? This is the world that you have created, and you are clearly on the wrong side.

Predictably, you might even believe that the technologies you create serve the betterment of all humans. But in reality, the benefactors of technological development are advertisers, the wealthy, the powerful, and the NSA analysts running dragnet surveillance over email, phone calls, and social media.

If you want a Bay Area where the ultra-rich are pitted against hundreds of thousands of poor people, keep doing what you're doing. You'll have a nice revolution outside your door. But if you want out then you should quit your jobs, cash out, and go live a life that doesn't completely fuck up someone else's.