Advocates Say Curtailing the Census Targets Latino and Immigrant Communities

CA Public Health Director Resigns Following Data Errors

There’s much speculation about the resignation of California's top public health director last weekend,  but Governor Gavin Newsom is staying tight-lipped. Her departure comes after a glitch in a disease tracking system that delayed the processing of data from hundreds of thousands of COVID 19 test results.
Reporter: Katie Orr, KQED

Should Uber and Lyft Drivers Be Employees of Freelancers?

Should gig economy workers be employees or freelancers? That’s an issue that’s consumed California politics over the past couple of years.  A court injunction issued yesterday means Uber and Lyft drivers could become employees of those companies within 10 days.
 Reporter: Sam Harnett, KQED

Youth Who Vape Are More Likely to Get COVID-19

Before the coronavirus pandemic, the danger of vaping was one of the big public health discussions in the U.S. A study released by Stanford University this morning says young adults who vape  are more likely to get COVID19.
 Reporter: Lesley McClurg, KQED

Flu Season Could Further Strain Hospital Resources

Flu season is coming, and experts say getting a vaccine is more important than ever. Flu patients can show up with severe coughs and fevers, just like COVID-19 patients, so demand for ventilators, beds and protective gear for staff could rise.
Reporter: Sammy Caiola, CapRadio

Excluding Undocumented People From CARES Act Cost The US Economy Big

Undocumented people were not eligible to receive $1200 federal stimulus checks earlier this year.  A new study from UCLA found that excluding this community from federal relief through the CARES Act cost the United States economy ten billion dollars in potential economic activity.
Reporter: Nina Sparling, KQED

ICE Detainee Barred from Receiving Outside Medical Treatment for COVID-19

Last week a judge ordered U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to test all detainees at a facility in Bakersfield with a growing COVID-19 outbreak. One of the detainees who tested positive is a 22-year old man who an immigration judge already ruled should stay in the country.
Reporter: Farida Jhabvala Romero, KQED

Advocates Say Curtailing the Census Targets Latino and Immigrant Communities

Conducting the 2020 U.S. Census during a pandemic isn’t easy, especially in California’s poorer and immigrant communities. But Trump Administration critics say the administration is making it even harder to get an accurate count by cutting the amount of time census workes will spend going door to door.
Guest: Lizette Escobedo, director of the national census program at the NALEO Educational Fund