Cartooning-in-Place: Learn How to Cartoon in Our New Tutorial Series

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Are you a kid (or grown-up) who wants to learn how to draw cartoons?

Do you have a little more time on your hands during this seemingly never-ending shelter in place?

We created this cartoon tutorial series for you!

Every week, I'll be teaching you some tips and tricks I've learned over my many years of cartooning.

Whether you're the kid in class who is always drawing or if you think you can't even draw a straight line, I'll show you some fun things to draw in an easy step-by-step way.

And by the way, in cartooning, you don't have to draw straight lines if you don't want to!

We'll start by making a simple smiley face turn older or younger just by moving the eye position and will work our way into cartooning everything from Bay Area wildlife to ships on the bay to the basics of caricaturing politicians.

When I'm not showing you how to cartoon, I create a daily cartoon for KQED called Drawn to the Bay and a weekly political animation.

Now let's draw together!

Have a request for something you'd like to learn to draw? Send an email to And if you want to share a cartoon you've drawn after watching Cartooning-in-Place, send it in! We may feature it in a future episode.