Animal Shelters Emptying As Humans Shelter-In-Place

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CA Won't Go Back To 'Normal' Anytime Soon

Governor Gavin Newsom is laying out a road map for what the easing of California’s coronavirus lockdown might look like. At his daily briefing on the state’s approach towards managing the pandemic, he ruled out a return to the way things were just a month ago.
Reporter: Guy Marzaroti, KQED

Bailout For Airports As Passenger Numbers Plummet

Airports around California have taken a huge hit as the coronavirus crisis has all but shut down air travel. They’re about to get some help thanks to the federal government’s recently passed two-trillion-dollar relief package.
Reporter: Dan Brekke, KQED

What Does The Coronavirus Mean For California Real Estate?

There is no industry in California that hasn’t been touched by the coronavirus pandemic including residential real estate. Some of the hottest housing markets in the state are reeling from the shock, but this doesn't necessarily mean lower housing prices. 
Reporter: Saul Gonzalez, KQED

L.A. Rolls Out Stricter Guidelines For Masks And Sanitation

All businesses in Los Angeles County that have remained open during the coronavirus outbreak must now provide face coverings for their employees. That’s according to a new order issued by the county’s health department. The directive is just one part of new, stricter guidelines set to go into effect by the end of today.
Reporter: Benjamin Gottlieb, KCRW

California's Early Shelter-In-Place Order May Help Its Economic Future

With the economy thrust into turmoil by the pandemic, we’re spending a lot of time wondering what the way out of this moment might look like. One thing is clear, the road to recovery will be a long one. 
Guest: Mary Daly, President, Federal Reserve Bank Of San Francisco

Animal Shelters Emptying As Humans Shelter-In-Place

Since quarantine started in the US, people everywhere have rushed to take in new pets, and it’s not just adoptions. According to a site that tracks data from animal wellness agencies, the rates of fostering have exploded too.
Reporter: Danielle Chiriguayo, KCRW