Valentine's Day, California Style

28 min
Aleah Fajardo and Eugiono Borgeson take a selfie the year they met, 2016. (Courtesy of Aleah Fajardo and Eugenio Borgeson)

When Eugene Met Aleah

Rom-coms are a genre you either hate to love or love to hate. But if you’re in the camp that loves those corny, feel-good plot lines about how a couple gets together against all odds, KQED producer Marisol Medina-Cadena has the story for you. It’s about the romance that blossomed between a rideshare driver and her passenger in San Francisco.

94-Year-Old California DJ Still Takes Listeners to the ‘Love Zone’

Art Laboe is a California DJ who’s crooned to lovers on the airwaves for more than 75 years. He’s 94, barely five and half feet tall, and sends kisses through his microphone. He claims to have invented the on-air dedication, where lovers send songs to each other over the airwaves. Sasha Khokha visits Art in his Palm Springs studio, which he calls “the love zone.”

Can You Teach Love?

In some ways, cards, chocolate, red roses and romantic dinners are the easy part of celebrating Valentine's Day. But what about the love part? That is, after all, what the holiday is supposed to be about. Well, that can be trickier, when to say the "L Word" and all. Now we know, because the Beatles told us, that you can't buy love. But can you teach love, like, in school? In 2014, when Scott Shafer hosted this show, we went to Berkeley’s Malcolm X Elementary School to find out. We bring you an update on this story from our archives.