San Diego Freelancer Slams Gig Worker Bill

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San Diego freelance writer Beth Demmon (Saul Gonzalez)

Critics Say Newsom's Homeless Spending Plan Lacks Strategy

Governor Gavin Newsom wants to use a lot of state money to address California's homeless crisis. But, a new report by the State Legislative Analyst’s office says the Governor lacks a plan to spend the money smartly.
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Quarantine Lifted for Hundreds of American Evacuees

The quarantine has been lifted for a group of American evacuees from Wuhan, China, who had been confined to an air base in Riverside because of the novel coronavirus strain.
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Ex-Lawyer for PG&E Takes Helm of West Coast EPA

John Busterud, a former lawyer for Pacific Gas & Electric, is expected to become the new head of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s San Francisco office next week. That will put him on the front lines in a series of conflicts between California and the Trump Administration over environmental policies.
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Bill Could Bring Oversight to Bail and Immigration Bonds

State senators have introduced a new bill meant to protect people who use bail and immigration bond companies.
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UC Santa Cruz Grad Students Strike for Higher Pay

Graduate students at UC Santa Cruz began an indefinite teaching strike this week. They're fighting for a cost of living adjustment to their pay.
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San Diego Freelancer Slams Gig Worker Bill

Assembly Bill 5 was was meant to extend regular pay and benefits to millions of people who work in the state's gig economy. But San Diego freelance writer Beth Demmon says the law is a threat to her livelihood.
Guest: Beth Demmon, freelance writer