Traffic In California Cities Is Getting Worse

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DMV responsible for hundreds of voter registration inaccuracies

If we needed one more reason to be fed up with the DMV we've got it. There are reports out this week saying the agency is responsible for inaccuracies in hundreds of Californians’ voter registration records.
Reporter: Brian Anderson, Sacramento Bee

Traffic in California Cities Is Getting Worse

Ridership on public transportation is declining, and people are spending more time in their cars. As a result, traffic in many cities is getting worse. A state bill that relaxes zoning regulations may help, but cities will need to take advantage of the law and build more housing near public transportation. 
Guest: Ethan Elkind, UC Berkeley

After 42 Years Low Rider Magazine Is Going Out Of Business

Low Rider magazine is going out of print. The car magazine was started in the mid 1970's by three San Jose State students who wanted it to be a voice for the Chicano community in the Bay Area.

Data From Orbiting Solar Probe Is Released

Ninety three million miles away, the Sun nourishes life on Earth. But the familiar star at the center of our solar system, the one we start and end our days with, still has many mysteries. Scientists are now receiving data from a solar probe sent to study solar wind and other phenomena.
Reporter: Danielle Venton